• Skip Tracing

    Maximum effort is employed by the agency in "skip tracing." State of the art technologies are utilized. MCB processes the capability to access all three national repositories of consumer credit information as well as other databases. In addition, full cross reference directories, city directories information, etc. are utilized. The use of social security number searches, address update searches, to include the national change of address data from the US Postal Servce is maximized. These capabilities are accessible electronically, and some are in book form. Additionally, all "skips" are reported to Experian Credit Data Division, consumer credit reporting system, which automatically notifies this agency regarding new address or employment information, based upon credit probe in behalf of the debtor.

  • Litigation

    Litigation capabilities are part of the overall services available to our clients. An account is considered for litigation at a point when all other attempts to collect the debt have proven unsuccessful. The client is contacted for authorization to enter suit. The account, being assigned to our agency, is entered in our name.

  • Remittance

    Our remittance is made regularly each month, or as requested, and we have never missed a remittance since 1949, at our inception. Funds are deposited in a trust account for your protection.

  • Fees

    Our collection fees are contingency based. Unless we collect, there is no charge for our services. Accounts placed with MCB for collections are reported to all three major bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

  • Eletronic Data Transmission

    Accounts can be submitted directly to MCB by e-mail, Excel Spreadsheet, Adobe or via our web site

    MCB also offers periodic (quarterly, semi-annually, annually) progress/status reports, sent via postal mail or email.